Martin Scholarship

Marjorie J. Martin (1913-2004), a lifelong resident and teacher of Odell, wanted to reward and assist Odell residents with high standards who are scholars actively involved in their school and community. She established this trust for the college students of her community.

A Scholarship Grant is available for any Odell resident who has graduated from high school and plans to continue his or her education. It is expected that scholarships will fall within the range of $500 to $2,000 per recipient, but may be more at the discretion of the trustees.

Scholarships are to be given based on the following guidelines:
Applicants must be a high school graduate seeking continued education at an accredited college or university in the following fields of study: liberal arts, music, science, nursing, business or engineering.
Scholastic achievement, student activities and freedom from the use of alcohol and drugs will be considered in awarding this scholarship.
To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must live in the Odell Fire Protection District, Odell Public, Library District or the Odell Grade School District.
The applicant need not be a recent high school graduate.
Having been selected to receive a scholarship does not guarantee the applicant will receive future scholarships. Failing to apply in the past or not being selected to receive a scholarship does not preclude an applicant from receiving future scholarships.
Applications are due annually by March 1.
You must attach a copy of your high school transcript, unless you have previously applied, and your most recent college transcript, if applicable.