What is the Seed Library?

The Odell Seed Library is a free library resource, designed to provide high quality flower & vegetable seeds to our patrons for use in their own gardens.  We occasionally plan programs and have catalogs, books and information about gardening for our patrons use and benefit.  We want to help educate and promote sustainable and organic gardening practices.

We hope patrons will also save and donate seeds back to the library to help us keep this program strong and well stocked.  If you are unable to save seeds, please consider donating a packet or two of fresh, non-GMO, commercially grown, non-hybrid seeds to help us keep the program viable.

The Odell Seed Library operates on the honor system.  You become a member automatically by filling out a brief form and then you can “check-out” seeds to plant in your own garden.

We encourage all patrons to learn some basic seed saving techniques & do provide information on how to save seeds.  The time-honored tradition of seed saving celebrates biodiversity, nurtures locally adapted plant varieties & fosters community resilience and a culture of sharing.

Donating seeds to the library:

Seeds should be in envelopes labeled with seed information or our seed stamp.  You can stamp your envelopes when you’re at the library or pick up ready stamped envelopes from us.

Bring the labeled seed envelopes to the library and turn them in at the front desk.