Questions & Answers

To get a library card, a photo ID and two forms of proof of address are needed.
Please see our policy page or stop by the library to ask about specific policies, many are posted at the library.
You may stop by and fill out a FOIA request or write one up and submit it to the Library Director who is the FOIA office, contact us.
Yes take your card to any RAILS Library to check out books, DVDs and other materials

Reaching Across Illinois Library Systems or RAILS is the library system serving much of northern and west central Illinois. They provide us with interlibrary loan, staff training, catalog support and reporting. In Southern Illinois Heartland Library System does the same thing for that area

You can call us to place a hold or use your card + pin to log into the catalog and place your own holds. Please contact us if you need a pin or to place a hold for you.

Borrowing of materials, reciprocal borrowing, inter-library loan, loaning of eBooks and other library materials.

Through the catalog, Libby and eRead Illinois are listed in the catalog section, you can also add an app to your phone or tablet, please contact us for help with this.

Yes copies are .20/page and faxing is $1.00 for up to 12 pages contact us if you have a large number of pages to fax.

Only a very limited number (5) please read our donation policy for additional information.

Yes we have them in several places in the library with suggested donations listed.